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Jewellery Tips

Posted on May 18, 2017 by Bonnie Arychuk

I get asked often how I store my own personal jewellery collection. Here are a few of my own personal tips. Pick up some 3"x 3" zip lock bags. You can usually find these at your local craft shop. After you are done wearing a piece, place it in its own individual bag. If you are storing a necklace, be sure to have the chain peeking out the top of the zip lock bag. Now you are preventing your jewellery from tarnishing and preventing your necklaces from getting in a frustrating knot. Also, It makes for a easier start to the day if you organize your jewellery in individual bins. Have a bin for earrings, one for necklaces, one for bracelets and one for rings. If you are like me and have many pieces... this makes it so much faster to find what you are looking for.  And as the pieces are in individaul bags you can search through all of your jewellery and it is remaining organized through the process! Think of it the same way you organize your clothes. Dresses are usually together, tops are typically hung together and so on. Why shouldn't we do the same for our jewellery? I hope this inspires you to set aside some time to give your jewellery collection some love! 


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